When nature isn't enough: The natural progression to assisted conception with Hollywood Fertility Centre

There are a number of different assisted conception treatments that are available at Genea Hollywood Fertility. The right one for you depends on the reason/s you’re experiencing problems conceiving.

All assisted conception treatments aim to maximise the potential of pregnancy by enhancing what happens in nature, either by increasing the number of sperm that get to the egg and/or increasing the number of eggs available for fertilisation.

The treatment outcome with any assisted conception technique will depend on:

  • The woman’s and man’s age
  • The reason/s why pregnancy hasn’t happened naturally
  • The strength and quality of the embryos that the couple produces
  • The general health and lifestyle of the couple.

For couples experiencing infertility due to an extremely low (or zero) sperm count, no ovulation or completely blocked fallopian tubes – assisted conception will be the only way that pregnancy is possible. Couples with subfertility have a chance of becoming pregnant naturally, but that chance is reduced by factors such as a low sperm count, irregular ovulation, endometriosis, scarring of the fallopian tubes, fibroids or the increasing age of the woman. In about 1 in 5 couples, no apparent explanation for subfertility can be found. For any of these subfertile couples, assisted conception can speed up the process of becoming pregnant.

The main techniques for assisting conception are:


All assisted conception techniques involve the monitoring of the reproductive cycle to time procedures precisely. Developing follicles secrete increasing amounts of estrogen, particularly estradiol (E2). Blood tests that measure the level of E2 will detect a growing follicle.

Vaginal ultrasound examinations enable us to further monitor the ovarian response by counting and measuring the growing follicles as E2 levels rise. Once follicles reach 18-20 mm in diameter, they are big enough to produce a mature egg.

At Genea Hollywood Fertility, we do our best not to interfere with your day-to-day life. Blood tests and ultrasounds for cycle monitoring are done early in the morning, enabling you to get on with the rest of your day. We will give you your results by phone later in the afternoon.

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