At the Genea Hollywood Fertility we have dedicated professional counsellors who are available to see you before, during or after treatment.

People undergoing infertility treatment often wonder why, when or whether they should seek counselling. The treatment process can mean that some couples experience a roller coaster of emotions depending on the length of treatment and its outcome. The understandable stresses associated with impaired infertility can start to impact on all aspects of one’s life. Undertaking counselling is one strategy to help manage these stresses.

Dealing with infertility can be isolating and lonely, particularly if you have chosen not to confide in anyone about your treatment. It is also not uncommon for partners to react to infertility very differently and this can put a strain on any relationship. Maintaining a sense of balance and equilibrium at this time can be difficult. Sometimes, just finding out how others cope and whether your reactions are ‘normal’ can alleviate some anxiety.

Optimising your pre-conception health can reduce stress at this time. For the latest research and guidelines see the Your Fertility website at

You can choose to see a counsellor with your partner or alone. We also provide telephone counselling if you are not able to come for a face to face session.

Counselling is provided by specialised psychologists, who have extensive experience in reproductive health issues and infertility, and deal with the impact of treatment on both women and men.

A range of counselling is available at Genea Hollywood Fertility:

  • Pre-in vitro fertilisation (IVF) counselling
  • Information sessions
  • Support counselling
  • Therapeutic counselling
  • Donor counselling (sperm, egg and embryo)

The counsellors will regularly offer group programmes for all new patients covering issues such as expectations and stress management. All groups will be advertised within the clinic and on the website and will be available to all interested patients.

If you are not sure whether counselling is appropriate for you, please do contact the Genea Hollywood Fertility and discuss the option with a counsellor or nurse coordinator. Feel free to ask any questions and then see what you think – there is no obligation to make an appointment. Please call our main reception on +61 (0)8 9389 4200.

There is no charge for up to two counselling sessions per cycle provided to Genea Hollywood Fertility patients. There is a charge for counselling that precedes egg, sperm or embryo donation.

Informed consent

There are many things you must be aware of before starting assisted conception treatment. The general risks and hazards associated with assisted conception and IVF are reviewed thoroughly in our Acknowledgement and Agreement forms.

Before you start treatment at Genea Hollywood Fertility, you will be asked to read and sign a number of consent forms.

It’s important to us that you are completely comfortable with your treatment and that you decide to go ahead with it only on a fully informed basis. If you have questions or concerns, please raise them with your doctor or your nurse before you sign your forms.

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