Your Medications

Collecting your medications

During your cycle it’s likely your Fertility Specialist will prescribe a number of fertility medications. Following changes to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) in mid-2015 your IVF medications need to be dispensed from a pharmacy rather than given to you by Hollywood Fertility’s Nurses.

We are currently working with Hollywood Pharmacy which is located a short drive from the Hollywood Fertility Clinic to ensure you can access the right medications on the day that you require them. Postal services can also be arranged with your pharmacist on request.

Pharmacy contact details and opening hours

Hollywood Pharmacy
29 Hampden Rd
Nedlands WA 6009

Krede Wright
Ph 08 9386 2798

Emergency After Hours Ph 0409 093 337

Day Time
Monday - Friday 8:00am - 6:30pm
Saturday - Sunday 9:00am - 4:00pm
Public holidays Closed

Visit the Genea website for a list of all other associated pharmacies in Australia.

How to use your medications

Fertility medications are designed to be self administered. Your Nurses will explain how and when to use the medications as you begin your cycle and are available to demonstrate how to self administer the medications if you wish. Contact your Nursing team to make an appointment.

Please note, it is important you follow the storage guidelines which are clearly stated on the packaging of each medication. Genea Hollywood Fertility’s Nurses cannot reissue medications as a result of them not being stored correctly and you will need to repurchase from the pharmacy.

Many of the medications also have patient information booklets and videos, please see below for the details on your specific medications. To gain access to some of these booklets and videos, you will need to enter information from the pack your medication comes in so please have it close to hand.

Merck Sereno

For Merck Serono patient information booklets, Consumer Medicine Information and how to use prescription medicines (Cetrotide®, Crinone®, Gonal-f®, Luveris® and Ovidrel®)

Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) medication information

For information on MSD how to use prescription medicines (Elonva®, Orgalutran®, Pregnyl® and Puregon®) please contact your Genea Hollywood Fertility nurse or pharmacist.


For patient support materials (Decapeptyl®, Endometrin® and Menopur®)

Ferring MiFertility patient app

MiFertility Plan is a comprehensive calendar tool app to help support patients step-by-step through their IVF treatment cycle. Find out more or download the app at the App Store or Google Play Store:

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