IVF Costs & Fertility Treatment Fees

Selecting the right fertility clinic is an important decision and cost is likely to be a contributing factor. At Genea Hollywood Fertility, we are very upfront about our fees, we don’t hide any costs.

When considering the cost of treatment, it’s vital to recognise that not all clinics are created equal. If you do need IVF, put simply, the quicker you achieve a pregnancy, the less expensive treatment will be. That's where Genea Hollywood Fertility’s world leading science and expertise plays a critical role. And, we don’t charge for access to our pioneering lab instruments.

Genea one cycle one familyGenea Hollywood aims to do one egg and sperm collection and from that one stimulated cycle, create enough embryos for patients to complete their family so they only return for a frozen embryo transfer. When reviewing both financial and emotional costs, consider the importance of choosing a clinic that aspires to help you create a family in the least number of cycles possible.

Contact our Fertility Advisor for an obligation free chat to discuss costs.

Cycle costs

Fertility treatment and IVF fees are current as at January 2018. Please note these prices are a guide only, and subject to change. After your consult with one of our Fertility Specialists you will be given an individualised estimate of all fees and rebates. Patients who are not eligible for Medicare or reciprocal health care should call for further fee information.

Treatment type Approximate out of pocket cost
(Medicare Safety Net reached)
Initial payment
IVF first cycle (per calendar year) $2944 - $3285* $8140
IVF subsequent cycle $2388* $8140
ICSI first cycle (per calendar year) $3012 - $3352* $8671
ICSI subsequent cycle $2456* $8671
Frozen Embryo Transfer $1140 - $1902 $2780
Stimulated IUI $833 - $974 $1502
Ovulation Induction No medicare rebate $577
Tracking cycle No medicare rebate $400 

* Further claims may be applicable from your private health fund


Genea Hollywood Fertility’s world leading technology

Technology Cost
Geri, Genea’s time-lapse incubation system No additional charge
Genea’s continuous culture medium No additional charge
Grow by Genea™ embryo viewing mobile app No additional charge



Below items included in the cost of your cycle fee:

  • Monitoring of your cycle by a Genea Hollywood Fertility Specialist, including blood tests via approved pathology labs^ and ultrasounds performed at Genea Hollywood Fertility
  • Lab, Scientist and administration costs
  • Coordination of your cycle by the nursing team
  • Genea Hollywood Specialist fees for day surgery procedures
  • Two sessions of counselling per IVF cycle

^ Regional patients who do not use Australian Clinical Labs for all blood tests or do not have scans performed within Genea Hollywood Fertility will incur further fees via the external provider


There will be some additional costs associated with:

  • Doctor’s consultations
  • Medications obtained on a PBS script
  • Day Surgery for egg collection
  • General anaesthesia
  • Pre-diagnostic/Genetic tests not covered by Medicare e.g. CF screening, Factor V Leiden
  • Embryo Freezing $450
  • GeneSure™ work-up and genetic screening of embryos
  • Medications that are not covered by PBS e.g. Provera and Progesterone pessaries, if required.
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