Cycle cancellation

We occasionally find that the ovaries fail to stimulate, and cancelling the cycle may be recommended. Less than 5% of cycles are cancelled.

A cycle might be cancelled because:

  • Your follicles are not responding to hormone treatment
  • Your follicles are over-responding to the hormones, risking hyperstimulation
  • Uterine problems such as fibroids or polyps are unexpectedly detected on ultrasound
  • Personal reasons.

If you’re at risk of hyperstimulation or if a problem is discovered in the uterus, your doctor might suggest that you have a ‘freeze-all’ cycle rather than cancel the cycle completely. In a freeze-all cycle, the eggs are collected and fertilized then cryostored. Because pregnancy or further hormone injections will worsen the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), a freeze-all cycle is a safer option. This gives the ovaries time to settle down before attempting pregnancy at a later date. When returning for the transfer of embryos, the type of hormone cycle is individually evaluated by your doctor at Genea Hollywood Fertility.

The frozen embryo transfer cycle is a completely new cycle, with new costings associated.

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