Multiple pregnancy risk

At the Genea Hollywood Fertility, we’d like to help you grow your family one baby at a time. So as a rule, we only transfer one embryo. The risk of a twin pregnancy after a single blastocyst transfer is around 2%. In certain circumstances, such as older age of the woman or previous unsuccessful treatments, we will consider transferring two embryos.

If you’ve had trouble conceiving, the idea of having two babies at one time might seem like a blessing. However, the death rate for twins between 5 and 9 months of pregnancy is 6 times that for single baby pregnancies, while the mortality rate from IVF twins following birth is 4.5% or nearly 1 in 20.

Multiple transfers may seem to offer a greater chance of having a successful pregnancy, however a study in 2002 found that the ‘take home baby rate’ was comparable in women who had either 1 or 2 embryos transferred.

Risks from medications

Since ovarian stimulation medications were first used decades ago, there has been concern about whether their use might increase the risk of cancer.

Several large studies have now found that the rates of cancers among women who have used infertility drugs are not significantly different from the rest of the population. There is no evidence to date that the drugs used in assisted conception cause either breast or ovarian cancer.

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